‘Most Men hate to shop. That’s why the Men’s department is usually on the first floor of the department store, two inches from the door.’

–   John Wayne

 These words help me seamlessly describe the prejudice when it comes to Men shopping online. In my knowledge, shopping for men online seems like an uninviting drill because of two major reasons:

  • Inadequate options/ outdated range
  • Heavy pricing

In the course of my research on Men Shopping for Clothes Online, I came across a specific Wharton study asserting that males look at shopping as a mission!

They nip out to buy an explicitly targeted piece of an outfit and flee the scene the moment their requirements are met with.

The same investigation moreover indicated that 5% of males can lose their interest in shopping if the product they are looking for is out of stock. A number of questions arose in my mind.

Why do Men shopping online spend the money they don’t wish to on clothes they are not even satisfied with?

Why do they stitch garments and not just shop on men’s fashion stores online, just like the opposite sex?

Why do they need to settle for less?’

While trying to contradict this study, I came across an intriguing Indian clothing website, Hermod.in. After getting in touch with Hermod Founders, I learned that this website was established with an objective of eradicating these frequent concerns.

I was also exposed to the information that, Team Hermod aspires to change Men’s online shopping practice nation-wide. Rather than making it an exasperating chore, they seek to make Men’s online shopping experience a pleasing one.

According to them, international runway shows have substantiated to be their chief inspiration. When inquired what they had in mind formerly, Mr Arjun, one of the two Hermod founders said, ‘most of us like what we see on the runways and hope to have the same in our closets.

While looking for something similar online, I noticed that the alternatives didn’t match with the concepts I required. Furthermore, the clothing that struck the right chord in mind appeared to disagree with my pocket.

To fill in the gap concerning this subject, my fellow founder and I decided to come up with Hermod. We think Hermod stands out from the rest as we provide a fella with precisely what he requests.

Attires are designed by us keeping domestic and intercontinental movements in mind consuming some of the optimum chosen raw materials.”

After this conversation, I realized that Hermod seems to have it all. After an intense exploration covering more than 900+ national websites, Hermod feels like a fresh breeze of air!

The reasons Hermod stood out for me as the impeccable haven to buy men’s clothes online are listed as follows:

  1. For the Men, By the Men:The creators have clearly devoted their attention to a confined market like Online shopping for men/ Men’s clothes online/ men’s online clothing industry. This means that a Man Online Shopping needs are sure to be met with.
  1. Revolutionary Styles:Hottest styles like Floral T-Shirts in addition to Corduroy Shirts along with Monochrome Shirts can be found on Hermod which is sewed to excellence for several sizes

Floral Centre Half-Sleeved T-shirt

  1. Funk and Floral: Keeping the young, trendsetting troop in mind, they also offer an immense assortment of Funky Printed Graphic T-Shirts.
  2. Limited Edition Collection: Finding my present-day favorite band, Twenty One Pilots and cartoon characters, Rick and Morty under the Limited Edition collection on Hermod made the cool boy in me certainly happy!
    Limited Edition Insomniac Rick and Morty Half-Sleeved T-Shirt
  1. Quick Delivery: The orders were sent out within no time at all. Hermod might be quick in getting state-of-the-art styles like Graphic T-Shirts and Floral Shirts to the country, but they are quicker when it comes to delivering the same to your door-step
  2. Make in India:In the course of my chat, I moreover learned that Hermod abides by the ‘Make in India’ policy, as their resources are sourced nationally.

Representing a hip Indian state like Goa, Hermod’s Goa inspired beach shirt/ Goa Beach Shirt is what impressed me the most!

  1. Sound Pricing: Last but not the least, shopping for Men’s clothes online on Hermod was a satisfying experience majorly because of the realistic pricing

Hermod founders have delivered what they vowed through their clothing. The floral and Goa beach shirts with graphic, printed funky t-shirts are tactically designed not only to fit folks of all sizes but also their pockets.

Goa Inspired Printed Shirt

 Hermod has made Online Shopping for Men stress-free and faster.

Subsequently, flicking through all their merchandises, here’s a list of the products I highly recommend/ vouch for:


  1. Goa Inspired Printed Shirt/ Goan Beach Style Shirt
  2. White Casual Shirt with Velvet Patch
  3. White Semi-Formal Rose Shirt
  4. Blue Corduroy Casual Shirt
  5. Classic Monochrome Casual Shirt
  6. Limited Edition: Rick and Morty Red T-Shirt
  7. Floral T-shirt
  8. Limited edition: Twenty-One Pilots T-shirt

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