Minimal-yet-loud, avant-garde and eclectic- Hermod is on the path to manifest its own take on the classics.

In some of the Fall Collection designs, Hermod has bitten the look of the Japanese subculture, customizing gear that would definitely carry the ideology of ‘International Street Wear’ in the customer’s mind.

The soulfulness in Hermod’s streetwear is maintained by mixing elements like 80’s punk and hip-hop culture, slasher films, and the underground Japanese fashion scene with our traditional and customized icons, patterns and logos.

Under the vision of an experienced creative director, Hermod has redefined luxury, comfort, and contemporariness for the current generation.

Environmental-friendly materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, bold color pallets, and crisp finishing with detailed aesthetics- Hermod’s sartorial splendor represents the pinnacle of the Japanese culture and Indian craftsmanship’s amalgamation.

Unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail, Hermod’s Fall Collection 2019 is perfectly what can be described as ‘sophistication at its best’.