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      Tulum Lake T-shirt


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      Design: Introducing Hermod’s 100% Cotton T-Shirts — The Epitome of Disco-Inspired Fashion with attractive Prints and Unparalleled Craftsmanship

      Improved Tailored Fitting: Prepare to be mesmerized by Hermod’s line of 100% cotton T-shirts—a true testament to the brand’s commitment to embracing the effervescent spirit of disco. This yellow cotton T-shirt showcases an exciting amalgamation of black-and-white prints and intricate details, making it the pinnacle of disco-inspired clothing.

      The unisex design makes this yellow T-shirt suitable for both men and women.

      100% Cotton with comfort stretch (180-190 GSM).

      Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, inside out, with like colors; use only

      Wearing this print allows you to carry a piece of Tulum's vibrant energy and early '70s disco musical legacy with you wherever you go. It is an invitation to express your love for music, art, and the freedom of self-expression that defines the Tulum experience.

      Truly Disco-Inspired: Drawing inspiration from the vibrant disco era, Hermod's yellow cotton t-shirt features dazzling disco prints on the back and intricate textual detail on the front, taking you on a nostalgic journey to the dance floors of the '70s. This print predominantly utilizes a contrasting black-and-white colour palette, creating a striking visual impact.

      Dynamic: The black and white graphics on the back of this yellow cotton t-shirt and the brand's signature 'Disco Demands' on the front are meticulously arranged to create an eye-catching pattern with the enchanting Tulum that enhances the overall appeal. From geometric shapes to abstract motifs, the prints exhibit a sense of dynamism and playfulness. The combination of yellow, black, and white adds a timeless and sophisticated touch to the design, making it suitable for various parties and gigs.

      Yellow- And Interesting Color Pop: Crafted with attention to detail, this Hermod's Yellow Tulum Lake Cotton T-shirt boasts a classic yet highly-improved ribbed neck, allowing for versatile styling options. The yellow base colour is a vibrant backdrop that complements the monochromatic prints, adding an extra pop of energy to the overall design.

      Tulum Lake: The Tulum-inspired print on Hermod's Disco-inspired yellow 100% cotton t-shirt pays homage to the vibrant and dynamic music scene that thrives underground in Tulum. Renowned for its pulsating beats, energetic atmosphere, and unique fusion of varied music genres, 

      Tulum has become a hub for music lovers and party enthusiasts worldwide. This print encapsulates the energy, excitement, and creativity and incorporates elements that symbolize the euphoric ambience of these festivals — transporting the wearer to the heart of the Tulum music culture.

      Sharp Print: The emboldened print on the back of this cotton yellow t-shirt features a captivating combination of vibrant colours and bold graphics, reflecting the lively and vibrant spirit of some of Tulum's best music scenes. Additionally, Hermod's signature 'Disco Demands' on the front, mixed with abstract shapes, rhythmic patterns, and dynamic lines, come together to create an explosion of visual energy that mirrors the pulsating beats of the music itself.

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