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[Complex Computer-aided Jacquard Sweater]

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      Relaxed-fit Complex Jacquard with Computer-aided Designs with a Round, Ribbed Neck.

      Composition: High-quality Cellulose Components

      Material: Complex Computer-aided Jacquard. 340 GSM

      Fit: Relaxed Fit

      Knit: Complex Jacquard

      Neckline: Round Neck

      Care Instructions: Use a gentle or delicate cycle to minimise friction and agitation during washing

      Introducing HRMD’s VISIONS OF BEDLAM Jacquard Sweater — a supremely non-restrictive and expressive Relaxed-fit Complex Jacquard fit weighing 340 GSM with Computer-aided Designs and a Round, Ribbed Neck.

      This is a very specific and simple piece of clothing that needs no drama and negativity and will align with someone who wants to wear it not because it will make them feel like I’m Superman and they can fly. People looking for party-ready graphic tees and limited edition streetwear will buy this 340 GSM Jacquard Sweater, whether on the street, at the office, or on the dance floor or behind the decks. Period!

      Onlookers are set to get hooked on the appearance of this relaxed-fit Jacquard Sweater. For real, if you focus on house music, you will notice that clothes like this align with this genre and do a good job — as people will associate this fact with your look. Priced at just ₹2499, this versatile relaxed fit sweater made from luxe jacquard is ideal for winter layering and gig-friendly fashion trends.

      The idea behind the design

      When we were in Berlin, ALL the clubs were all about the music. That is where the idea for this jacquard sweater made in India was born! We noticed that if you dress up in Berlin, you will be turned away. There they want to wear such clothes, enjoy the scene, dance and have fun. Clubs in the States are all about status. You want a real club. Go to Berlin!

      How easy is it to dress this?

      While wearing this, the last thing you would wonder is if people will ever look at the mirror before they go out or if they are just hypocrites pretending to be class A DJs! Music and pyshotic elements-loving enthusiasts will find this 340 GSM jacquard sweater a perfect match.

      Where can I wear this product? 

      The maddening face print all over this sweater says that with HRMD - rave attire is discouraged. So basically everything that is cringy about rave culture such as wearing kandi and the newly founded fan clacking is not allowed here (thank god). 

      This sweater maybe a little snobby for some, sure, but there’s a lot of house/techno fans out there made just for this exclusive, HRMD F/W Launch with unique and stylish square-tip faux leather shoes.

      Sure, it might come off a tad exclusive, but it's tailor-made for the house and techno enthusiasts looking for something distinctive in HRMD's F/W Launch, including premium streetwear t-shirts.

      Superior Quality Fabric

      At HRMD, our commitment to top-notch fabric and resources from the best in the Indian textile market remains unwavering. Over three years, we've cultivated strong relationships with vendors, ensuring each product meets our stringent quality standards every single time. This sweater is HRMD's personal interpretation, inspired by techno, house, and underground dance music, exuding a vibe that's truly unique, fitting the criteria of India's best streetwear brand.

      The VISIONS OF BEDLAM Jacquard Sweater by HRMD stands out as a signature piece within the brand’s F/W Launch - a quintessential blend of house music-inspired clothing and durable fashion. Crafted with precision, this relaxed-fit, luxe jacquard sweater redefines comfort and style, resonating with those vibing to house and techno beats and seeking exclusive streetwear collections.

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